How Our 3D Office Add-in Products Could Work For You?

ThreeDify offers a suite of 3D add-in tools for Microsoft Office. These tools are specifically designed for two categories of Microsoft Office users:

  • users who want to turn their Excel data into 3D graphs, CAD objects or equations, and
  • users who want to augment their Word documents, Excel worksheets or PowerPoint presentations with external CAD models.

For the first category, we offer XLGrapher, XLCurvFit and XLSurfFit addin family and for the second category, we offer ThreeDify 3Doffice.

In addition to the addins, we also offer a light-weight modeling, markup and CAD file viewing program, ThreeDify Designer, that features several high-end editing tools that can be found only in some expensive CAD programs that easily cost over 20 times as much.

  • XLGrapher

    Creates XYZ Scatter Graphs, Charts, and CAD objects in Excel

    3D/4D graphs and bar charts
    Surface and water tight solids
    Excel x-y-z scatter and line graphs
    3D Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical plots
  • XLSurfFit

    Discovers the best equation to model your 3D XYZ data and graphically review the fitting results

    Includes over 2500 3D surface equations that are divided into 17 equation families
    Include all the features in XLGrapher
    Generated report could include absolute and relative error estimates
    Data and precision summaries are available so you can further analyse the fitting results