3Doffice - 3D Model Viewing/Editing in MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint

ThreeDify 3Doffice (aka ThreeDify Office Designer) is a transformative new tool deployed as a Microsoft Office add-on,that modernizes the way users collaborate and communicate in 3D. Built on top of OpenGL API, 3Doffice integrates seamlessly with your Office toolbars and interface, so incorporating 3D designs and objects in your Office documents is as simple as dropping in an image. 3Doffice transforms Microsoft Office into a powerful 3D design and communications tool that allows you to visualize, create, import, edit, and mark-up 3D content from inside any Office document. It works just like any other native feature in the applications like MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. There are no external files to manage. All of your 3D content is saved right in the document, including any 3D textures. 3Doffice makes sharing real 3D content simple and practical in many situations where it simply hasn't been until now. Interior designers and architects can use 3Doffice to share updates and design changes with their co-workers and clients by simply sending them a Word document. Freelance artists and illustrators can use 3Doffice to submit concept art to clients as part of their PowerPoint presentation. There is a free viewer version of 3Doffice that helps you to share your 3D content with clients or development partners without requiring them to purchase additional software.

Scripting Support: ThreeDify 3Doffice also includes Visual Basic scripting support. Power users can leverage the power of Visual Basic for Applications to create presentations, link to data sources, or automatically update designs. 3Doffice supports virtually every popular 3D file format so that users can work with a wide range of 3D modelling and CAD creation tools in their choice of file format. This makes it an ideal tool to incorporate in your current workflow.

Companion Software: When you purchase ThreeDify 3Doffice, you also get the ThreeDify Designer standalone program and ActiveX control. Therefore, if users buy one product, they can enjoy all of the functionality of both.

Key Features

  • All the features in ThreeDify Designer are available in 3Doffice.
  • Supports Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Supports Office Live so that collaboration at a distance is easy, and multiple contributors can work on the same document.
System requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
Space: 30.1 MB
Additional Requirements: Microsoft Office 2000 or better installed

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