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XLGrapher 3D Graphing in Excel

A Microsoft Excel add-in graphing tool that creates true 3D charts/graphs/CAD objects, exports animation as an AVI video, and supports real-time data tracking, 3D polar and spherical plots. Please note: Use “Buy Upgrade Renewal” button when you have a valid support plan. Otherwise, use “Buy Upgrade” button to pay.

XLSurfFit 3D Graphing + Surface Fitting in Excel

2-in-1 3D Graphing and Surface Fitting in Excel. Also includes all features of XLGrapher

XLCurvFit Curve Fitting in Excel

Discover the best 2D curve equation to model any XY data in your Excel worksheets.

3Doffice + Designer

A 3D Microsoft Office add-in that includes all the features of ThreeDify Designer. With 3Doffice, you can also embed and edit 3D content within Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents.


Designer is a fast, intuitive 3D modeler and DXF file viewer.