XLGrapher - Creates XYZ Scatter Graphs, Charts, and CAD objects in Excel

Deployed as an add-in for Microsoft Excel, ThreeDify Excel Grapher (XLGrapher) makes 3D graphing and plotting as easy as highlighting a range of cells in a worksheet. With a few mouse clicks, you can easily create a wide range of X-Y-Z scatter graphs, line graphs, 3D voxel and bar charts, Cartesian, polar and spherical plots, surfaces (TIN and gridded meshes) as well as water-tight solids. Excel Grapher is totally integrated with MS Excel and it runs completely inside the familiar Excel interface. The created 3D graphs and fitted equations are saved as part of Excel workbooks. That means there's no need to run a separate application and there are no external files or additional file formats to manage.

Key Features

  • Plots X-Y-Z scatter graphs, line graphs, voxel and bar charts, 2.5D surfaces (TIN or gridded mesh), 2.5D contours, 3D surface and water tight solids from point clouds;
  • Exports high-resolution image or AVI videos;
  • Supports for 3D cartesian, polar(cylindrical) and spherical plots;
  • Includes both uniform scaling (for presentation graphs) and non-uniform scaling (for engineering drawings) modes;
  • Includes a wide variety of customization options for chart/graph display, including Wireframe Overlay , and Date/Time data type etc.
  • Supports real-time graph updates on cell changes;
  • Supports VBA scripting;
  • Works with Excel 2000 and all later Excel Versions.
System requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
Space: 8.3 MB
Additional Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2000 or better installed

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