FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below you will find answers to the most popular questions asked regarding our products. Don’t forget to check out also the Help file that is included in the product directory.

Excel Grapher

This could be due to one or a combination of the following:

  • You are installing 32-bit Grapher on a system with 64-bit Excel 2010. In this case, simply uninstall 32-bit Grapher and then install 64-bit Grapher.
  • You are installing 64-bit Grapher on a system with 32-bit Excel (Excel 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 or 32-bit Excel 2010). In this case, simply uninstall 64-bit Grapher and then install 32-bit Grapher even if you have 64-bit Windows OS.
  • Your addin is disabled in Excel. In this case, simply follow ThreeDify Excel Trouble Shooting Guide video.

You can send an email with your bug description to support@ThreeDify.com. Alternatively, you can also raise it in our ThreeDify Excel Grapher user forum.

ThreeDify Excel Grapher does not have its own file format. When saved, everything is saved as part of the hosting Excel file (.xls). When a .xls file is opened, the embedded ThreeDify Excel Grapher objects, if any, will be reloaded silently. There is not yet another file format to deal with!

No. ThreeDify Excel Grapher is designed to plot 3D graphs directly from the data ranges within an Excel sheet. To import 3D objects from an external CAD or gaming file, you can use ThreeDify Office Designer.

The current Grapher installer installs Exel Grapher for administrative users. To install Excel Grapher for a standard user without administrative previlege, you must directly modify the System Registry. Note that modifying the System Registry can be dangerous. If you delete or modify the wrong Key or Value, applications may behave incorrectly or not start. In the worst case, Windows itself may not start. Back up your registry before modifying the System Registry.

  • Log on to the machine as the appropriate user.
  • Run Grapher installer as administrator by right mouse click on the XLGrapher-vX.X.X-Win32.exe or XLGrapher-vX.X.X-x64.exe and choose Run As Administrator. Then, accept all defaults to finish installation.
  • Go to the Windows Start menu, choose Run and enter RegEdit to start the Registry Editor program.
  • In the Registry Editor, navigate to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice. If necessary, create a Key named Excel under the Office key if one does not already exist.
  • Under the Excel Key, create a Key named AddIns if it does not already exist.
  • In the AddIns key, create a Key named AsdGraph3D.AsdGraph3D.
  • In this key, create a String Value named FriendlyName and enter ThreeDify Excel Grapher for your add-in. Then create a String Value named Description and enter ThreeDify Excel Grapher. Finally, create a DWORD value named LoadBehavior and give it a value of 3.
  • Close the Registry Editor and open Excel. Since you specified a LoadBehavior of 3, the add in will automatically load when Excel starts.
  • You will need to repeat these steps for each user on the machine.

Saving/loading Excel files with embedded ThreeDify Excel Grapher control(s) to/from Microsoft Office Live Workspace is not supported in the current version. We are planning to support it in the upcoming ThreeDify Excel Grapher version.


In v53.3, you must login as an administrator to install and use 3Doffice in Excel. This will change in the upcoming version. Please contact us if you need this capability before next verison of 3Doffice is released.

3Doffice is designed to embed 3D designs within Microsoft Office documents (.doc/docx, .xls/.xlsx, .ppt/pptx), whereas 3D PDF is designed to work with acrobat document (.pdf).

This is a known issue with current version of 3Doffice. The workaround is

  1. to save each embedded 3D design to a .asd file;
  2. delete all the embedded 3Doffice instances from your PowerPoint session;
  3. save the PowerPoint file in 2003 format.
  4. Open saved 2003 PowerPoint file;
  5. recreate all deleted 3Doffice instances
  6. switch to the presentation mode;
  7. load the saved .asd file to each recreated 3Doffice instance.

You can send the bug report by email to support@ThreeDify.com or you can raise it in the online ThreeDify Designer User Forum.

ThreeDify 3Doffice does not work on MAC OS. But it will work on any Windows OS running on a MAC.

ThreeDify 3Doffice v5.3.3 officially supports MS Excel and PowerPoint only. Support for Word is view-only.

Starting with Version 2.7.5, ThreeDify 3Doffice can import IGES & STEP (in conjunction with the free IGES/STEP importer), and DXF & STL files. It can also export DXF and STL files.

Not without creating an import plug-in. ThreeDify provides free of charge its import/export plug-in SDK, you can easily create a plug-in yourself if you are a fairly competent C++ developer. We can also develop one for you on demand as a professional service.

Yes, the .asd files created by ThreeDify Designer Pro/Standard or ThreeDify 3Doffice can be opened by either of the program. They are interchangeable.

No. ThreeDify 3Doffice is designed to create and embed 3D objects within MS Office applications and documents. It does not turn your worksheet or document data into 3D objects. But you may use ThreeDify Excel Grapher for that purpose.

Yes, as long as your peers have the free 3Doffice viewer installed on their computers