Designer- lightweight 3D modeler and DXF file viewer

ThreeDify Designer (Designer, previously ActiveSolid) is a fast, intuitive and lightweight 3D modeler and DXF file viewer, as well as a simple assembly design tool. Designer allows the user to open and view over forty 3D file formats (including DXF, Wavefront, Lightwave, 3DS max, STEP and IGES), and over thirty 2D image formats. Imported 3D models can be regrouped into different groups and/or folders using Designer's drag and drop grouping interface. Designer includes some of high-end tools such as robust mesh cutting and boolean operations that could only be found in expensive CAD programs that easily cost over 20 times as Designer. To learn more about ThreeDify Designer, please view our video demo.

Extendable as an ActiveX Control or a Plug-in

ThreeDify Designer is a lightweight 3D and dual mode application. It can run as a standalone application or as an ActiveX control. The entire application including its user interface can be embedded inside any ActiveX host, including Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office applications. Power users can script both the control and the standalone versions of Designer using its built-in automation interfaces for Visual Basic. Another unique feature of ThreeDify Designer is its import/export plug-in architecture using COM's Component Category technology that enables third party developers to independently develop their own Designer importer and exporter.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop grouping interface for easy scene composition and assembly grouping.
  • true 3D perspective zooming and view cutting planes.
  • hardware accelerated rendering mode for large meshes.
  • support for materials, multi-textures and shaders.
  • advanced 3D object construction and editing, including robust Boolean operations on 3D meshes and 2D polygons, and a robust mesh cutting (trimming) tool.
  • editing, mark-up, and associative dimensioning tools.
  • advanced view manipulation, lighting controls and multi-camera modes.
  • unlimited undo and redo.
  • export to DXF, STL(binary), XGL, and ASD(native) 3D formats and import from over forty 3D formats, including DXF, 3DS, LWO, DXF,OBJ, STEP and IGES.
System requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
Space: 27.40 MB
Additional Requirements: A good discrete video card for real-time rendering of large 3D meshes