What Our Clients and Reviewers Say

These are some testimonials that have been sent in by our clients

“I have been impressed not only with this software but also the support …… and I’ve received quick responses to my emails—and even a phone call once to help me.“
Terry Grapentine, President
Grapentine Company LLC

“I have been impressed by the software functionality. The 3D surface plot suited my needs perfectly. I also found the technical support to be great. I rarely find somewhere else with such a fast and helpful communication as ThreeDify. “
Giulio Morandini, MBA
Commercial planning manager, Power Division, ENI.S.P.A

“Recently, I started to use ThreeDify Excel Grapher, and I am delighted with the outcome. As an add-on to Excel, ThreeDify Excel Grapher is very easy to use, and I really enjoy the software’s ability to allow visualization of my data in 3-D surface plot.“
Lei Yu, Ph.D.Professor
Rutgers University

“Thanks for your help! I appreciate the chance to be able to use this to my advantage for my engineering designs and technical presentations.I will be sure to tell everyone!“
Jim Peterson, Ph.D.,
Research Automation Technologies, Amgen Inc.

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