ThreeDify XLCurvFit Adds Curve Fitting to Microsoft Excel

Ottawa – ThreeDify is very pleased to announce availability of XLCurvFit, a 2D curve fitting add-in for  Microsoft Excel. XLCurvFit enables the user to automatically fit thousands of curve equations to any XY data set within Excel worksheet(s).

If you are a scientist or an engineer, the newly released XLCurvFit will help you save time by finding the ideal model for any of your 2D data sets within minutes using its built-in, frequently encountered equations. XLCurvFit supports over 5300 2D linear and non-linear equations that are divided into 19 equation families: BioScience, BurkardCollectionBased, Engineering, Exponential, FourierSeries, LegendrePolynomial, Logarithmic, NIST, Optical, Peak, Polyfunctional, Polynomial, Power, Rational, Sigmoidal, Simple, Trigonometric, YieldDensity and Miscellaneous. The add-in runs completely within Microsoft Excel and you can now fit as many curve equations to the same or different data sets within your worksheets.

Please follow the link to learn more about XLCurvFit.  To see XLCurvFit in action, please download our free trial and experiment with the 2D curve fitting examples in the included “2DEquationSamples.xls” file.