ThreeDify Video Tutorials

To enhance your learning experience, ThreeDify produced a series of video tutorials for our 3D add-ins.

  • XLGrapher: creates 3D graphs and plots (in presentation mode) or CAD objects (in drawing mode) from your 3D Excel data.
  • XLCurFfit: auto-fits thousands of curve equations to your 2D Excel data and determines the best fit.
  • XLSurfFit: auto-fits thousands of surface equations to your 3D Excel data and determines the best fit.
  • 3Doffice: augments your Word documents, Excel worksheets or PowerPoint presentations with external CAD models for easy 3D knowledge sharing and collaboration. 3Doffice is also a cost effective 3D modeling, markup and CAD file viewing program, boasting several high-end tools that exist only in expensive programs that cost over 20 times as much.