ThreeDify is pleased to announce the availability of new XLCurvFit and XLSurfFit releases. The new releases add a powerful feature that allows user-defined 2D and 3D functions to be fitted to any specified 2D and 3D Excel data sets, an enhancement our users have been asking for. Combined with the ... Read More
December 7, 20173dexceladmin


Based on users’ request, we have just made a sample XLGrapher VBA script available for free download. This script automates the process of mesh creation from scatter points stored in a worksheet.  It demonstrates many XLGrapher scripting concepts. Once opened in Excel, pressing and holding down Shift+Ctrl+G key combination will ... Read More
January 7, 20173dexceladmin


Ottawa – ThreeDify is very pleased to announce availability of XLCurvFit, a 2D curve fitting add-in for  Microsoft Excel. XLCurvFit enables the user to automatically fit thousands of curve equations to any XY data set within Excel worksheet(s). If you are a scientist or an engineer, the newly released ... Read More
February 5, 20163dexceladmin


Ottawa – ThreeDify is very excited to announce availability of XLSurfFit, a new 3D Equation Fitter that allows the Excel user to automatically fit thousands of 3D equations to any XYZ data in Excel worksheet(s). If you are a scientist or an engineer, the newly released XLSurfFit will help you save time by finding ... Read More
January 5, 20153dexceladmin


ThreeDify is pleased to release Excel Grapher v4.0.0. The newly released version includes following features: An option for plotting input data as a collection of 2.5D contours representing a 2.5D gridded surface. An option for importing an image as background for the Grapher control. Please download our 7 days free trial.
June 1, 20143dexceladmin


ThreeDify is very excited to launch its newly redesigned website for general 3D add-in products.
March 25, 20143dexceladmin


The new release fixed a scaling issue with polar plots.
January 3, 20143dexceladmin


ThreeDify is pleased to annouce general availability of ThreeDify Excel Grapher v2.8.1, a popular 3D graphing add-on for Microsoft Excel. The new release adds two notable enhancements: wireframe overlay rendering mode that greatly enhances the image quality of gridded meshes real-time graph update on cell value change, a feature that conforms to ... Read More
January 16, 20123dexceladmin


ThreeDify is pleased to announce general availability of 64-bit version of ThreeDify Excel CoreViz, a 3D drill hole visualizer for Microsoft Excel. The 64-bit version is specifically designed to work with 64-bit Microsoft Excel 2010. It represents an important milestone in ThreeDify's 64-bit product strategy. To learn more about the new ... Read More
November 1, 20113dexceladmin


ThreeDify is proud to announce the general availability of ThreeDify 3DOffice  5.2.1, an OpenGL based, embedded 3D model viewing and editing tool deployed as an add-in to Microsoft Office suite. This milestone release adds numerous new features and performance enhancements. It represents a genuine breakthrough in usability of embedded 3D ... Read More
August 30, 20113dexceladmin